Zman Paddler 5"

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A great softbait with a life like action, built tough, features 100% natural scents.

Each bait is infused with 100% Natural scents derived from real baitfish, not some lab technician’s fancy of what will attract fish. These natural scents provide the precise smell that triggers strikes from saltwater gamefish. And when a fish hits, the scent means they are likely to hold on longer, increasing chances for a solid hook-up. Sniff out the big ones with New Z-Man ElaZtech Scented BaitZ!


* Tough ElaZtech construction for extreme durability
* Impregnated with 100% Natural scents
* Segmented body and thin paddle tail allow PaddlerZ to be fished as twitch-, wake-, or swim baits, on both fast and slow retrieves
* 5 baits per pack