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Terms and Conditions of Screaming Reels Website

These terms and conditions govern the use of the Screaming Reels website site.  By accessing and using this site, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.  Screaming Reels may, at our discretion, change these terms and conditions from time to time.

“Screaming Reels” means Jung Enterprises Ltd, trading as Screaming Reels.

Right to use Screaming Reels site

You may make use of this site for personal use, non-commercial use or research, provided that any reproduction includes a prominent acknowledgement of Screaming Reels’s rights in the relevant content.  You may not use this site or the content on it for any other purpose or in any other way.

Ordering products @ Screaming Reels

An order made via this site is an offer to purchase one or more products.  When you place your order, Screaming Reels will email you an acknowledgement.   If there are any issues with your order we will try to contact you.

Acknowledgement of your order or acceptance by Screaming Reels of payment for your order does not constitute acceptance of your order.  Screaming Reels’s acceptance of an order does not take place until the order is dispatched to you.

Where possible your order will be sent in one consignment.  However, Screaming Reels may send your order in multiple shipments.

The risk of any loss of, or damage to, any product will pass to you on delivery. Screaming Reels may, in its entire and unfettered discretion, refuse an order.  Refusal may, for example, result from:

  • The product ordered being unavailable, or
  • Fraudulent activity flags being activated, or
  • The identification of an error within the product information, including price or promotion

Please note that stock levels are indicative only.

Content @ Screaming Reels

Screaming Reels has tried to ensure the content on this site is current, accurate and complete.

However Screaming Reels does not guarantee the content will be current, accurate or complete when you access it.  Screaming Reels provides the content on, or accessed through, this site, on an “as is” basis.  You must make your own assessment of the suitability of the content and/or products for your own purposes. You are solely responsible for the actions you take in reliance on the content on or accessed through this site.   Users seeking to rely on or verify any content or products contained on this site should contact the Screaming Reels store.  Screaming Reels may change the content or products described on this site at any time without notice.

All liability excluded

To the extent permitted by law:

  • all warranties, representations and guarantees (whether express, implied or statutory) are excluded, including without limit, suitability, fitness for purpose, freedom from virus, accuracy or completeness of this site or the content on or accessed through it; and
  • Screaming Reels will not be liable for any damage, loss or expenses, or indirect losses or consequential damages of any kind, suffered or incurred by you in connection with your access to or use of this site or the content on or accessed through it.

If your use of this site or its content is subject to the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (“CGA”), you may have rights or remedies which are not excluded or limited by the above.  If you are using this site or its content for business purposes, the above exclusions and limitations will apply and the CGA will not apply.

Intellectual Property rights

The logo of “Screaming Reels” is the property of Jung Enterprises Ltd.  All other product, service and brand names and logos on this site are trademarks of the companies who manufacture or supply the relevant product, service and brand names.

All other content on this site is owned by Screaming Reels (or the relevant content supplier).

Screaming Reels is the exclusive owner of all rights in the compilation, design and layout of this site.


This site may contain third party content and links to third party websites.  These have not been prepared by and are not controlled by Screaming Reels.  They are provided for your convenience only, and do not imply that Screaming Reels checks, endorses, approves or agrees with third party content on this site or the third party websites it links to.  If you wish to link to any part of this site, you must get Screaming Reels’s prior written consent.

Governing law and jurisdiction 

These terms and conditions and any matters or disputes connected with this site will be governed by New Zealand law and will be dealt with in New Zealand courts.