About Us

At Screaming Reels we love fishing and we are out on the fantastic waters of Bay Of Islands as often as we can!

We use the gear we are selling everyday, we try out new gear and lures, providing our customers with good solid hands on experiences and also providing the suppliers with feedback and areas of improvements.

We provide gear that we know works and works well for the New Zealand fishing and for the Kiwi style of fishing. Specializing in saltwater fishing and all your target species ( Snapper, Kingfish, Hapuka, Swordfish, Marlin etc.).

We have you covered regardless if you are top water fishing, slow jigging, fast jigging, using bait, live baits, softbaits, game fishing with lures or live baits.

We have you covered regardless if you are landbased, from rocks, the beach or boat fishing from the kayak, your trailer boat or trolling from your launch.  

We are a proudly New Zealand owned and operated business and all of us working here are dedicated fishos with a very impressive combined knowledgebase. 


Garry (the “Captain”) Townley

Garry is a Forestry Consultant who has worked across the globe. This has provided numerous opportunities to fish in Mexico, Central America, Asia and most of the Pacific islands. He moved to the Bay of Islands nearly 7 years ago so when not on assignment he could chase gamefish around the ocean.. occasionally he has caught up to a few as well! His blue 2050SC Stabicraft will be familiar to most fishermen in the BOI. Purchasing the shop seemed a logical next step to combine the passion with a business venture. Garry is always happy to talk all things fishing and promises not to keep his Spot X’s a secret! If he’s not in the shop he may be on a forestry job, or more likely, out fishing!

Michael (Mitch) Hughes

Mitch has been part of the successful “Merrin” team fishing the Bay of Islands for the last 6 years.  He has impressive catches of snapper and kingfish, as well as the occasional marlin, mahi-mahi, short billed spearfish, and shark.  He was a member of the Merrin team at Waihau Bay in 2021 that brought in a nice Southern Bluefin Tuna.  Mitch is one of those rare fishermen that never lies, sometimes…  His dulcet tones may be heard on Russell Radio – Sundays and Mondays.

Merrin Townley

Behind every keen fisherman there is a supportive wife and in this case, Garry has been extremely fortunate! That’s why he named the boat after her! While not a keen fisherwoman, Merrin is happy to cook and eat the catch and always comes down to boat after a fishing trip to view the catch and hear the great stories (mostly truthful…) on the Teams angling skills!


The core team (others may appear..) are all members of the Bay of Islands Swordfish Club.