About Us

At Screaming Reels we love fishing and we are out there everyday on our charter boats on the fantastic waters of Bay Of Islands and all the way to the Three Kings Islands.

We use the gear we are selling everyday, we try out new gear and lures, providing our customers with good solid hands on experiences and also providing the suppliers with feedback and areas of improvements. .

We provide gear that we know works and works well for the New Zealand fishing and for the Kiwi style of fishing. Specializing in saltwater fishing and all your target species ( Snapper, Kingfish, Hapuka, Swordfish, Marlin etc.).

We have you covered regardless if you are top water fishing, slow jigging, fast jigging, using bait, live baits, softbaits, game fishing with lures or live baits.

We have you covered regardless if you are landbased, from rocks, the beach or boat fishing from the kayak, your trailer boat or trolling from your launch.  

We are a proudly New Zealand owned and operated business and all of us working here are dedicated fishos with a very impressive combined knowledgebase. 

Stefan Jung - Founder and owner of Screaming Reels. Stefan has some solid 50 years experience from fishing ranging from fresh water fishing in lakes, to deep sea fishing in exotic places such as the Baltic Sea and Barents Sea ( 400km north of the polar circle), to the Adriatic Sea and the Persian Gulf.
Stefan took part in exploring and defining the salmon fishing in the baltic sea and still holds the record for the heaviest Atlantic salmon caught in a trolling competition in Sweden, 24,3kg. 
Stefan also explored and put the fishing for large halibut outside Lofoten Norway on the map. Halibuts over 200kg are now known to be caught in these waters with techniques explored by Stefan.

Katarina Jung - The manager of Spot-X Fishing Charter, the trading name of Screaming Reels charter business. Katarina takes care of every one of our charter guests and makes sure that we understand and do our best to meet the fishing expectations of all our charter guests. Katarina is with our guests from the initial query all the way through collecting invaluable feedback from the charters. Feedback which is the basis for our philosophy to continuously improve ourselves and our operation. 

Kelly Toon - Kelly has been skippering all sorts of vessels all over the world the last 20 years with his ILM, Inshore Launch Master, ticket.
Kelly stands for high quality experience when he takes you out to the fishing spots in the Bay of Islands.
With his experience and proven knowledge about fishing and the Bay, he will guide you out on the sea, regardless if you are a beginner or experienced.
He loves fishing and everything that has to do with water and water sports.
When stepping on board a charter with Kelly at the wheel, you will meet an easy going professional with a good sense of humor! Enjoy

Hamish Faire  - The skipper on our big game boat Screaming Reels. Hamish is born and raised in the Bay of Islands and knows every little bay and reef in the bay. His 28 years of skippering charter boats in the bay is an invaluable asset to us and our customers. Hamish has numerous of tournament wins in his luggage and he is one of the most respected authoritiez on kingfish and game fishing. 
Like George, Hamish also spends his time in the store while not skippering and provides customers with insights and advice from his deep and profound fishing experience.
Hamish is also the guy that will tackle up your lures you buy in the store, making sure everything is according to his high standards.