Tica Spin Combo Zatara-S LBXT3000 Silver

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Tica Zatara-S Spin Combo

Tica Zatara rods are made from flexible graphite/composite to give incredible casting distance and fish-fighting power, which can be important when trying to pick off wary, cautious fish in the shallows at long range.

Length; 6'6" 1.8m 2 piece
Rating; 10-20lb.

Tica Zatara LBXT3000 Spin Reel

Reel Features :

  • 7 RRB/BB plus one-way clutch bearing gives instant Anti-Reverse.
  • Computer balanced rotor.
  • Anti Twist Line Roller.
  • ZOS Oscillation system gives perfect line lay on spool.
  • Slimline Frame.
  • Forged aluminum spool.
  • Thick aluminium bail wire, lighter and stronger.
  • Right / left interchangeable handle.
  • Soft Touch handle knob.
  • Gear ratio 5:1
  • Drag Max; 4kg
  • Capacity; 190yds/8lb
  • Tica 10 year warranty.