Tica Oxean OX50TS 2 Speed Game Reel

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The Tica Oxean OX50TS 2-speed game reel features a one-piece, corrosion resistant lightweight graphite frame. The dual carbon drag plates sit either side of the spool to ensure smoothness and dissipate heat. Maximum drag is rated at 18kg. There is an extra loud line out alarm, so you can easily hear the fish strike. The two speed ratios are 3.2:1/1.4:1 giving line retrieve rates of 96.5cm/42.2cm per handle turn at full spool. There are 6 sealed precision stainless steel rust resistant ball bearings for smoothness and reliability. Capacity of mono is 850yd/50lb, or PE braid 1000m 37kg plus 50m/37kg mono topshot. These reels are equally at home trolling for tuna and marlin in summer, or deep water bottom fishing with braid for hapuka or broadbill in winter.

Reel Specification:

Tica Oxean 50TS (2-Speed)

  • Weight; 1550g
  • Ratio 3.2/1.4:1
  • Line retrieve rate; 96.5cm/42.2cm
  • Max drag; 18kg.
  • Capacity mono 850yd/50lb, PE braid 1000m 37kg plus 37kg mono topshot.