Thirty-Seven Falcon 400g Jig

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A finely-tuned streamline profile and shallow scoop on the Thirty-Seven Falcon Jig allows for a rapid fluttering vortex descent to get you to your target depth faster. With a predictable darting action on the retrieve, the Falcon is highly-effective against common predatory fish when used with a slow to medium mechanical jig technique in mid to deep waters.

Each Falcon colour has proven itself to be successful when used against common fish species targetted with jigs, resulting in an aggressive bite and memorable fight. comes pre-rigged with high-strength BKK tackle, meaning the Falcon will handle whatever fish you're targetting, including Yellowtail Kingfish, Hapuka, Bluenose, Bass, Tuna, GT's, and other predatory fish.

Thirty-Seven Falcon Jig Features:

  • Finely-tuned streamline profile
  • Shallow scoop
  • Rapid fluttering vortex descent
  • Predictable darting action on the retrieve
  • Pre-rigged with high-strength BKK tackle
  • Weight: 400g