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Ocean Angler Secret Sauce

Smelly bait to attract more fish.

The Ocean Angler Secret Sauce is an awesome sauce that will help you catch more fish. Snapper, kingfish, squid, marlin, tuna – just about any saltwater fish – are all attracted to it.

The Ocean Angler Secret Sauce is a sticky gel that’s made from 100% bait fish. It’s enhanced with powerful amino acids and other secret ingredients, making it irresistible to fish. Plus, this secret sauce has a UV-reflective compound to light up your bait so more fish will notice and check out your lure.

This secret sauce can be used on all types of lures including softbaits, inchiku jigs and hard lures. You can also use it to supercharge your bait for stray-lining, ledger rigs or long-lining.

Lure and catch more fish with the Ocean Angler Secret Sauce. Grab one now and see for yourself.

Ocean Angler Secret Sauce Features:

Attracts any saltwater fish
Made from 100% bait fish
Sticky gel
Has UV-reflective compound
Suits all types of lures
Weight: 2oz
Available variants: Pilchard, Bloody Tuna, Anchovy Garlic, Drag Juice