Sabiki Rod and Reel - Set up ready to catch bait

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Set up and Ready to catch bait - A 2 piece sabiki rod!!! Easy to store and quick to deploy! Comes with a 3 fly sabiki and sinker, ready to catch bait!!

When you no longer have to deal with untangling your sabiki rigs, live bait will be filling into your bucket faster than ever before. The Rovex Specialist Sabiki Spin Rod is specially designed to allow sabiki live bait rigs to slide safely inside this hollow rod. This means that there's nothing on the rod that will catch the rig, eliminating tangles and wasted sabiki rigs. Plus, you'll have a set that's ready to deploy the moment you hit the bait grounds. Add the Rovex Specialist Sabiki Spin Rod to your fishing arsenal to take the pain out of using Sabiki rigs and return the excitement to your next bait collection.

Rovex Specialist Sabiki Spin Rod Features:
Designed to eliminate tangles
Quality components
EVA grips
Ideal for dropping rigs off boats, wharves or break walls

Rovex Specialist Sabiki Spin Rod Specifications:
Length: 2.2m (7ft 3in)
Pieces: 2
Rating: 3-7kg

The Reel:

The Jarvis Walker Scorpion Baitcast Reel offers excellent value if you enjoy the precision and control offered by modern baitcast reels. It features a ball bearing drive for smooth reel action, the magnetic cast control with levels from 0 to 10 lets you dial-in your exact setting preference. The levelwind will keep your line lay perfect as you crank with a gear ratio of 6.2:1 allowing you to speed things up when needed or wind slow for subtle tactics.

Jarvis Walker Scorpion Baitcast Reel Features: Ball bearing drive Magnetic cast control Bearings: 1 Line capacity: 100m/12lb Gear ratio: 6.2:1.