Precision Pak Fish Bag - Tuna

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Precision Pak Fish Storage Bags are heavy duty insulated fishing bags designed exclusively for the tournament winning fish that is too big for your kill box. They are perfect for the boat that doesn't have room for a large hard cooler on board, or the shore based angler who wants to bring his catch home in prime condition.

Made of UV protected PVC nylon, with thick insulated foam, and reinforced webbing handles for easy carrying.

The outer bag is made with waterproof fabric, BUT, it is designed to leak, as there is nothing that will destroy the condition of your fish faster than allowing it to lay in warm water.

The bags open flat for easy cleaning and fold securely for storage when not required.

Simply pack ice around your catch and zip the bag up to keep your fish in prime table condition and to prevent valuable weight loss through dehydration.

Pelagic Tuna (180cm x 60cm)