Poseidon Next Race High Performance Reel

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POSEIDON NEXT  Saltwater Jigging, Right handed Reel, RACE Black/Gunsmoke 

One piece aluminium frame body baitcasting reel designed for light,slow pitch and rubber jigging tehnique.With gear ratio 6.3:1 this reel will give advantage in all saltwater fishing tehniques.Poseidon reels are right tool for the job.


  • Single drag
  • 9+2 ball bearing
  • Extreme light weight design
  • Wide body
  • Extreme One-way (EXO System)
  • Light weight machined cut gear (LMG)
  • New design EVA Knob
  • Machined cut handle & Knob
  • One piece aluminum frame body


  • Gear ratio: 6.3:1
  • Line capacity (lb/y)30-500,40-400,50-280
  • Reel weight: 420g
  • Max drag: 20kg (44lb)
  • Color:Black/Gunsmoke
  • Righthanded