Plastic Bait Catcher

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Sturdy plastic construction, supplied with handline, removable ends, proven design!

No hooks
Easy to use
Complete with line
Full usage instructions on packaging
New Zealand made

255mm L x 90mm diameter

Using the Baitcatcher:
Select a site near wharf piles, Kelp or a meter or two below the boat.
Crumble a piece of bread into the baitcatcher.
Holding the ends of the baitcatcher firmly in both hands, lower into the water and agitate the bread into a creamy mixture.
Holding the cord, lower the baitcatcher just below the surface.
Sprinkle some crumbs into the water and leave for 5 - 15 minutes. Remove one end of the baitcatcher and empty catch.
Reset as before.

Please release all fish back to the water that you do not have a use for!