PENN Fathom II 20 LW Reel

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Penn Fathom II 20 Level Wind Reel

The PENN Fathom II Level Wind’s heavy duty construction and powerful gears make it a true workhorse and favourite of charter boat Captains. It is designed to handle extreme abuse day-in and day-out. Whether you are bottom-fishing or casting live bait, the Fathom II will stand up to the hardest fishing conditions. A Full Metal Body keeps precise gear alignment while the Fast Gear Access Side Plate allows for easy maintenance. The Fathom II also houses our powerful HT-100 drag system to stop any fish that bites. 

By rearranging the sequence of the keyed metal washers and eared HT-100™ washers the reel can be set up for fishing a wide range of drag settings without additional parts.

Line Capacity Rings
Eliminates the question of how much line you have left when fighting a fish. The three lines on the spool flange let you know when you have 1/3rd, 2/3rd, or a full spool of line. Also if you respool often these lines give you a benchmark for backing your superlines with monofilament which will help eliminate wasted time and line.

Are you bottom fishing or trolling? Are you looking for power or speed? The Squall Lever Drag’s Versa-Handle system allows you to choose how long the handle should be in less than a minute (tools are included with each reel). Assemble the reel in the long position for more power or assemble in the short position for more speed.

Full Metal Body
A full metal body and sideplate keep precise gear alignment under heavy loads. 

Penn Fathom II Level Wind features:

  • HT-100 carbon fibre drag washers
  • Full Metal Body and sideplates
  • Line Capacity Rings
  • Fast Gear Access Side Plate
  • 4+1 stainless steel bearing systemInstant Anti-Reverse

Penn Fathom II 20 Level Wind Reel Specifications:

  • Model: Fathom II 20LW
  • Mono Capacity: 475/15 315/20 290/25 yd/lb
  • Braid Capacity: 860/20 645/30 450/50 yd/lb
  • Bearing Count: 5
  • Max Drag: 30lb (13.6kg)
  • Gear Ratio: 5.5:1
  • Retrieve Rate: 30" (76cm)
  • Drag Type: Star Drag
  • Colour: Black Gold
  • Weight: 20.90
  • Reel Handle Position: Right
  • Drag Material: HT-100