Pakula Rigged No Brainer Daisy Chain Size 25

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After much success in the Australian blue fin tuna fishery, we have brought the Pakula “No brainer” daisy chain to New Zealand! They are incredibly effective in increasing your success rates on all predators, espically schooling fish such as BlueFin and Yellowfin Tuna.

The purpose of this Daisy Chain is to:

Excite fish to bite more aggressivley and bring fish to the lures from a greater distance and depth than single lures.
to postion lures deeper in the water column.
create greater drag so that lures remain in postion in rough seas.

The Daisy Chain includes:

1 x size 25 Venturi Jet Lure 12.25" 310mm

2 x 9” Pakula Daisy Squid with Venturi Jet Heads and Pakula Float Inserts 9" 223mm

1 x Bird 5" 113mm

1 x size 35/35 Pakula Heavy Gauge swivel rig for up to 37kg outfits.

1 x 1.6m of 300lb leader

14" Lure Pouch

Best run on the Shotgun or centre position.