Ocean Angler Cyclops V2 Softbait Rig

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The new Ocean Angler Cyclops V2 Softbait Sinker Rig now features a free-sliding head to create a natural fish-enticing wobble. It also slides up the line away from the hooks when a fish is hooked to eliminate the leverage effect of the lure against the hook. The weighted head also allows your soft bait to go down where the fish are. The Cyclops V2 works very well with all types of soft baits and is a favourite with large baits such a paddle tail or 7' jerk shads. The weight of the rig gets the paddle on the lure really vibrating fast while falling and is often taken on the drop. To use, simply put the line through the head then tie to the hook.

Ocean Angler Cyclops V2 Softbait Rig Features:

  • Free-sliding head with natural fish-enticing wobble
  • Designed for fishing softbaits in the deep
  • Strong, rust-resistant hook with soft bait keeper
  • Protective insert prevents trace damage
  • Head weight:  60g and 120g
  • Hook sizes: 7/0