Nomad Squidtrex

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A Squid Vibe: A world first.

The Squidtrex is a world first in fishing tackle. Never before has there been a vibrating lure, with the design of a Squid that has both the action and durability to tackle big fish! This lure has a realistic swimming action like no other.

• Internal weight system for fast sinking for deeper water methods.

• Crazy vibration wobble at medium to high speeds.

• Strong & durable - soft TPE construction.

• Heavy duty through wire construction & heavy gauge hooks.

The soft TPE construction allows strength and durability matched with realistic movement of the tentacles which waft and wiggle in the water to entice bites when sinking or even at rest.

MODEL        LENGTH    WEIGHT    DEPTH    ACTION                         HOOKS FITTED    USES    
Squidtrex 95    3-3/4"    1oz    Up to 130ft    Sinking - Max Vibration    BKK Twin Assist #1    Casting - Vertical Jigging    
Squidtrex 110    4 1/3"    1-3/4oz    Up to 160ft    Sinking - Max Vibration    BKK Twin Assist 1/0    Casting - Vertical Jigging    
Squidtrex 130    5"    3 1/4oz    Up to 230ft    Sinking - Max Vibration    BKK Twin Assist 3/0    Casting - Vertical Jigging    
Squidtrex 150    6"    4 3/4oz    Up to 350ft    Sinking - Max Vibration    BKK Twin Assist 4/0    Casting - Vertical Jigging

Squidtrex 170    170mm    250g    200m+    Vibrating    5/0 BKK Single Assist    Vertical Jigging    
Squidtrex 190    190mm    400g    250m+    Vibrating    6/0 BKK Single Assist    Vertical Jigging    
Squidtrex 220    220mm    600g    350m+    Vibrating    7/0 BKK Single Assist    Vertical Jigging