MK4 TIP Light

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MK4 LED Rod Tip Light

While fishing on the beach in the dark of night, a thinking fisherman wondered how he could manage to keep his hands warm and know when he had caught a fish both at the same time. The idea of the original Mk4 Tip Light was born.

The Mk4 is the best and most reliable rod tip light available. It's a simple to use, battery-operated light that works via a twist switch. Designed and Manufactured in the United Kingdom (UK) where good things still come from. There are cheaper versions out there but you may need three to get one to work all night. More expensive versions are also out there too, these are no better than the Mk4. The Mk4 is simply 1st-Class quality.

Each package has one (1) Mk4 LED light and it comes complete with batteries, instructions and two (2) mounts that fit various rod tip diameters. The mount(s) can be attached to your favourite rod with tape or thread wrapped then slip in your Mk4 and you are set to night fish. The battery life can vary greatly with temperature but is approximately 200 hours. When needed, replace the battery with a 2 × 76A Alkaline battery or equivalent.


Applications: Rod Tip Light
Dimensions: 12.2 × 7.4 × 1.4 cm
Weight: 12 Grams