Long Shank Lightbulb Jig Head

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Lots of thought went into our Lightbulbs, a range of soft-plastic leadheads that is suitable for all the Z-Man soft-plastic products on offer - or even the oppositions if you must (especially if they're stretchy, too). The ultraviolet (UV) reflective jig-head is central to the overall concept. Ultraviolet rays can penetrate cloud cover, so Lightbulbs literally glow on dull, overcast days, especially in shallower water to 15 or so metres deep (the depth of penetration depends on the amount of suspended material present).

Other features:

A 3/0 hook thatis small enough to be taken along with the soft-bait, but big enough to get a secure hold, and strong enough to land the biggest snapper and kingfish on standard soft-bait tackle.
The hook is also sticky sharp and has a rust-resistant coating. The relatively short shank on the standard Lightbulbs leaves the softbaits with plenty of tail movement (the standard-length shank works well on all Z-Man soft-baits up to 7", rather than stiffened by a metal shaft for much of the length.
The Lightbulb weights cover the realistic soft-baiting opportunities on offer in water from 1-70 (or more!) metres deep.

The Long Shank Lightbulb range caters for anglers who prefer a longer shank for the 7-10" Z-Mans, as this provides improved coverage without sacrificing too much of the Z-Man's fish-attracting flexibility.
UV reflective eye colour options: Pink, Blue and Green.

Weights: 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 5/8, 3/4 and 1oz.

Associated products: Z-Man soft-baits, Secret Sauce and Tackle Packer storage boxes.

Suitable rods: OA Microwave V2 and Megawave soft-bait rods.