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This Ocean Angler Jitterbug Inchiku Lure is a truly awesome fish-catching device. The concept’s from Japan but
the design has been tweaked by NZ lure fishing expert Paul Senior to suit NZ's marine conditions. Constructed with tough hooks and life-like eyes, this lure will definitely catch you some Snapper, Kingfish, Kahawai or Trevally.

Ocean Angler Jitterbug Inchiku Lure Features:

Must-have when targeting Snapper over the sand and deeper water reefs
UV blast coating
Weighted jig-style head
Small but sharp assist hook
Octopus skirt
Life-like eyes
Size: 130g

On-the-water tips: Tie your Jitterbug on with a couple of metres of 20-30lb Pink Ghost fluorocarbon leader. Although Jitterbugs can catch fish when knotted on at either end, they work better when tied at the slim end, so the assist rig hangs nicely down within the slot designed to accommodate it. Jitterbugs work well when slowly wound upwards for a few metres, accompanied by slow rod lifts and drops throughout. However, same as most of our lures, sometimes you only need to engage the reel upon hitting the bottom to find a good fish already hooked! If your Jitterbug’s weight is marginal for the conditions, lob the lure well ahead of the drifting boat so it gets down earlier and more time is spent working it vertically below the boat, where it works best. However, some of the biggest snapper get caught on Jitterbugs left dangling just up off the bottom, the rod in the rod holder and the reel’s drag eased back a bit!.