Japanese Stainless Steel Wire Per Meter

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Our Japanese stainless steel wire is made of highest quality stainless steel. Perfect to use as leaders and rigs when fishing for predators with large and sharp teeth. This wire provides excellent kink resistance and bite protection. Available in a variety of breaking strains and sold per meter.

ManTackle 49 Strand Wire Trace Leader Features:

  • High-quality japanese 7 or 49 strand stainless steel wire
  • Extremely strong and flexible
  • Excellent kink resistance and bite protection
  • Construction: 1 x 7 up to 100lb and 7 x 7  above 100lb wire
  • Sold per meter
  • Available sizes: 25lb, 50lb, 75lb, 100lb, 150lb, 210lb, 275lb and 420lb

Please see Mason Sleeves for matching crimps.