Hangsell Swivel Sinkers

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Swivel Sinkers are so versatile, making them perfect for any application. Every sinker is designed to slip its way through rocks and snags easily to make your fishing experience a breeze. It features a sleek teardrop shape that cuts through the water on the drop, avoiding flutter, so your baits land where you want them to. This Swivel Sinker is suitable for trolling or bottom fishing with live bait.

These bags packages contains:

1/2oz - 14/bag
1oz - 10/bag
1 1/2oz - 6/bag
2oz - 5/bag
3oz - 3/bag
4oz - 2/bag
5oz - 2/bag
6oz - 1/bag
8oz - 1/bag
10oz - 1/bag
12oz - 1/bag