Hangsell Egg Sinkers

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The Egg Sinker is popular among estuary anglers working light running sinker rigs, where the main line is threaded through the sinker and left unattached, so it can move more freely. They are often positioned either running directly to the hook, or restricted to running along the main line above a swivel connection. Smaller sizes are used as slim-profile weights on float rigs. The slim profile also makes them an optimum lead for casting or when trolling to keep a lure or bait down; some anglers even use them as a highspeed lure, running a treble behind them. They bury more easily in sand or mud than ball sinkers when less movement is desirable. Glide through weeds and rocks snag-free with these oval, eggshaped lead sinkers. The Egg Sinkers allow anglers to get down deep where the big ones hang out. Plus, slip-style weights allow fish to feel the bait—not the weight.

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1/4oz - 15/bag

1/2oz - 15/bag

1oz - 12/bag

2oz - 6/bag

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