Handcaster Mounted Astd Colours

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Jarvis Walker Handcasters are available in rigged models.  The rigged handcaster varieties start at a 4” model rigged with 9lb line, a size 4 hook and a size 1 ball sinker, and range up to the biggest of eight 10” casters, which is filled with 150lb line rigged with a 7/0 suicide hook and size 6 bean sinker.

– Handcaster Mounted –
4” 9lb mono, size 4 suicide hook and 1oz ball sinker
6” 12lb mono, size 1 suicide hook and 2oz ball sinker
8” 60lb mono, size 2/0 suicide hook and 4oz bean sinker
10” 150lb mono, size7/0 suicide hook and 6oz bean sinker