Gulp Crazy Legs 7" Jerkshad

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More moves than a bowl of worms, the Crazy legs Jerkshad takes the deadly Jerkshad bait fish profile and adds 2 long curly legs to give the bait an insane amount of action. Rigged on a Nitro Saltwater Pro or Bream pro, Crazy Legs Jerkshads have a sensational action at both fast and slow retrieves and on the drop.

Berkley Gulp Crazy Legs Jerk Shad Soft Bait Pack Features:

  • Two long curly legs that give the bait an insane amount of action
  • ‘Crazy legs’ sends out extra vibrations
  • Legs kick and move on retrieve and on the drop!
  • Expand your strike zone with Gulp! scent dispersion
  • 100% biodegradable
  • Natural ingredients that release 400 times more scent than plastic baits
  • Scent trail attracts fish and triggers them to feed
  • Absolute dynamite on Snapper
  • Multiple fish species will strike including Snapper, Kingfish, Trevally, Gurnard, Tarakihi, Kahawai, Blue cod, John dory and many other
  • Size: 18cm (7in)