Glowbite Grumpy Fish 100g

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Glowbite Grumpy Fish

Introducing the world’s most technically advanced Kabura Slider style lure. As well as top quality components, this lure contains the following features:

  • Stressed Fish Flash. Flashing light that imitates the light reflected off a stressed bait fish. Lasts more than 70 hours in water with improved on/off activation.
  • Fish Attractant Dispenser. Insert your favourite fish attractant sauce into the purpose built cavity in the lure head and enjoy the benefit of a scent trail behind your lure.
  • Dinner Bells. Rattles that can be added in for sound and vibration. Tested extensively and fish love them! They also cushion your leader knot.
  • Twin Tails. They last twice as long. The straight one is ideal for a slow drift, while the curly one comes alive at speeds greater than 1 knot.
  • Hook Placement Technology. Stiffer assist chords and hook flies that increase drag on the hooks and keep them up in the lure skirt where the fish are biting
  • Best quality hooks by Owner 2/0 gorilla hooks, extra sharp, strong and rust resistant.
  • Teflon line protector the tube through the lure head is Teflon to eliminate wear on your leader line.