Glowbite Disco Clips

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Small enough to clip onto any hook, line or lure

Glowbite Disco Clip Features:

  • Flashing LED light proven to attract more fish
  • Only 15mm diameter small enough to clip on any hook, line or lure
  • Each pack contains four lights
  • Weight: 4g
  • Less drag in water than a big Daimond light
  • Pressure and survived at more than 800m!
  • Top quality components

The new Glowbite Disco Clip features the same flashing light unit found in Glowbite lures, but is offered as a 15mm diameter light with a clip that can be attached to almost anything. The light is water activated, flashes red/white/green every second, and will last for more than 50 hours in the water. Attach one to the eye of your hook next time you do a deep drop for Swordies or Puka. Put one on top of your livebait. Clip on your strayline rig, or every second hook next time you put the longline out. Whatever your flavour, enjoy the same increase in strike rate that we get with Glowbite lures.