Giant Squidwings

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Working on the premise that almost all fish eat squid, Catch has extended our range of Squidwings® to include a 500 and 750 gram version specifically designed for deep water slow jigging.

The design of the wings gives the lure stability and an awesome swimming action that fish find irresistible. Additionally we have included super bright blue glow in the dark paint, holographic and a blue lumo skirt to make this ultimate lure for catching deep water fish. Recharge with UV light source.

The 500 gram Squidwings® comes rigged with strong 450lb Kevlar a Stainless steel 15/0 circle hook. It has been proven to be a highly effective lure when slow jigging for ultra deep-water species.

Extra assist hooks are available for purchase.

The Giant Squidwings is extensively tested and used by fishing professionals: see