Deluxe Puka/Tarakihi Combo Pack – Shark clips

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Rigged in New Zealand. Tarakihi hooks, Stainless circles, perfect for the larger offshore sized fish.
Pack of 4 backbone rigs (12 Traces) in a mesh-backed bag for storage and washing!

Made with detachable traces, a detachable trace makes life a lot easier when baiting your hooks and dealing with fish, boat side.

Included :

6 x Stainless 15/0 Puka Hook 400lb traces with Shark clips. Lumo tubing & Lumo skirts.
6 x Stainless 10/0 Circle hooks, 200lb traces with swivel clips, pink lumo tubing & skirts.
4 x 400lb Backbone droppers with three crimped spaces each.
Mesh-backed storage bag.
All professionally benched crimped here in-house.
For best results, use the Tarakihi hooks on the bottom swivel, especially if using lightsticks.