Black Magic Purple Predator Game Lure

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Purple Predator® Game Lures

This is Capt. Bruce Martin’s hottest lure and has been for several years. This lure has caught striped marlin, black marlin, blue marlin and even 20kg yellowfin tuna!



head length: 3.5 inches (90mm) When rigged
lure length: 15.7 inches (400mm) hooks: 2 X 12/0
skirt: 14.5 inches trace: 560lb (Stiff Rig)


Face Shape Recommended Trolling Speed Position in Spread Swimming Action
Large sland face super plunfger 6 – 9 knots Short corners of left rigger Legendary super plunger action, massive smoke trail, superb in calm seas when you need to stir ’em up