Black Magic Equalizer Gimbal Harness - Standard

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Black Magic Equalizer Gimbal Harness Key Features:

Moulded and contoured padded componentry give you a stronger yet lighter and less bulky harness
Unlike conventional kidney fighting harnesses the Black Magic Equalizer® divides the strain between the upper thigh/buttocks area and the lower back using innovative twin element padded supports.

The free running lug clips allow the load to be distributed evenly between the two elements of the harness
By having the angle of pull lower on the angler the pressure applied to the reel lugs is increased by up to 50% without any extra effort.

Designed and manufactured in New Zealand using the best materials available

The Equalizer® fish fighting Harness makes it easier to battle the dream fish. The lightweight harness/webbing can be worn all day, then simply slip on the gimbal in seconds when the fish strikes.