BKK Sea Ranger+ Assist Hooks

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Aggressive, strong, high-performance micro-jig assist hooks.
Featuring our unique hand-ground point and flash fibres, the Sea Ranger+ are designed for use in jigging applications. The braided assist cord and solid ring aids in a clean hook-up and holds strong once you've got the fish locked down.

Suitable for use on slow-pitch jigs or micro-jigs, the Sea Ranger+ range was designed to be aggressive and strong. They come pre-tied with BKK high-quality solid-core assist cord, which delivers high strength, yet retains its softness. The vibrant shimmer and glow fibres increase the attractiveness of your jig, triggering more strikes.

The Sea Ranger+ features a heavy gauge wire, providing excellent strength, while our hand ground hook point technology lightens the weight of the hook and improves penetration performance. Additionally, the U-spade Slip Lock feature keeps the assist line securely in place.