Berkley 50 Piece Assorted Hook Pack

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The Berkley Suicide Beak Hooks are chemically sharpened and specifically designed to give you the extra edge during your fishing trips. With a wide gap and an offset inward curved point you can get a better penetration when the fish bites. It also comes with an 'up eye', perfect for snelling gang hook rigs. This is truly an all-around pack of hooks; especially selected and packed for catching Snapper, Kingfish, Kahawai and Trevally.

Berkley Suicide Beak Hooks 50 Piece Pack Features:

Chemically sharpened
Wide gap
Offset inward curved point
Up eye for snelling gang hook rigs
Qty: 50pcs assorted

What’s in the box:

Bay hook box
8/0 Hooks – 5 pcs
6/0 Hooks – 5 pcs
5/0 Hooks – 10 pcs
4/0 Hooks – 10 pcs
1/0 Hooks – 20 pcs