Ocean Angler Bender Powerflex Slow Jig Rod

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The massive popularity of slow-jigs - Sliders in particular - has spawned a corresponding demand for specialised slow-jig rods. ‘The Bender’ is the result of this demand, and it’s already gained an enthusiastic following, due in part to several of the busier Auckland charter boats choosing to have them on board as their lure-fishing arsenal’s main weapons.

Other features

  • A genuine Fuji triggergrip reel seat (which also incorporates the minimalist fore-grip)
  • 12 good quality American Tackle guides plus tip
  • A solid EVA butt grip to provide grip comfort and avoid potential rod-holder damage
  • A small hook holder positioned out the way in front of the fore-grip.
  • Specs: Length, 1.9m; maximum lure weight, 140g; recommended line weight, PE 1-2 (10-20lb).

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The 1.9m Bender has a very light S-glass tip (a high-tech material also used to make naval helicopter blades) integrated into the graphite blank, which serves to slow and smooth anglers’ movements so the various slow-jigs’ assist-rigged squid/tentacles waft around more seductively and get more bites. This whippy tip also helps to absorb the sudden bumps and surges made by big fish, so the hooks are less likely to rip out. And don’t be fooled by this rod often whipping right over when hooked up, as the Powerflex Bender still gets the job done, with the PE 1-2 capabilities resulting in surprisingly large fish being brought to the boat. Effective and a total blast to fish with!

Attention: Stow the heavier lures in your boat’s storage gutters or on the deck when underway, as the rod’s whippy tip can allow the hook to come free of the holder and fly around!