Barrel Swivel with Interlock Snap

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These snaps are used for line-to-line leader connection and for setting up float and running sinker rigs. These swivels reduce line twist plus the interlock snap makes it easier to set up your rig. They come in black for a purpose – a bright swivel can scare some fish and some species may strike at a shiny swivel while you’re playing the big one. Get yourself a pack and make sure your line is well rigged when you go for the big fish.

Mustad Barrel Swivels with Interlock Snap Features:

  • Ideal for line-to-line leader connections and for setting up float and running sinker rigs
  • Designed to assure smooth movement
  • Black colour finish to prevent other fish from snipping off your line
  • Interlocking snap
  • Flexible rotation
  • High tensile strength
  • Length: 1.5″
  • Available sizes: 10,7,4,3,1/0,2/0
  • 10pc per packet, except size 1/0 and 2/0 hich has 6pc per packet