Kayak anglers on top of their game

Fishing Report, Snapper -

Kayak anglers on top of their game

Bryon with a cracker Snapper!

Firstly, my apologies for missing the last fishing report. I was sunning myself in Rarotonga and Aitutaki where I managed to squeeze in a fish and was rewarded with a coronation trout and small mahimahi that were enjoyed at the resort restaurant that night.

Upon my return, I have been met with “You should’ve been here, the conditions and the fishing have been awesome!”

Local kayak fishers Ryan and Bryon have been doing great. Bryon particularly, who, while slow-jigging in around 50m of water, pulled up an 80cm snapper – followed by an 83cm one! Not to be outdone, Ryan caught a 58cm john dory. On the other hand, I went out yesterday (Monday 7th) and tried slow jigs, softbaits, and bait, covering the whole Bay from 30-65m, only ending up with five small snapper for the day. But I am not deterred and will be out again tomorrow!

The weather forecast seems to be a lot more settled with light to medium winds so this looks promising for that trophy winter snapper! Although most of the reports are that presently the fishing is slow, I believe perseverance will reward the angler.

Come into the shop to check out the latest in gear, get your bait, ice and berley, and most importantly, some genuine intel! We are currently operating on our winter days (closed Monday, Tuesday and Thursday) but we are always available after hours to run down to the shop and supply bait or gear. Just give me a call!

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