BOI Fishing Report 9Feb23

BOI Fishing Report 9Feb23

Stephen with a nice porae, an unexpected but tasty by-catch!

I’ve only managed the one fishing trip over the last fortnight, and it was just plain weird! The snapper are not in the usual places and we are catching large porae and blue cod on slow jigs at 70m. Having said that, Pete managed to snag two snapper on the single Fish Fingers jig – both fish were good size pannies and went in the bin!

Reports from the big game fishers is that the marlin bite is the best ever. Last weekend, Bevan on Mazara tagged three in one day, including a black marlin and then lost three the next day. The Swordfish club’s Facebook page reports striped marlin being caught around the Queens Buoy area. The west coast is on fire and I heard that one boat had 13 bites in a day, with three tagged and released.

The forecast is again poor and this has resulted in the El Dorado being postponed till Easter and Whangaroa One Base competition being postponed yet again. When will it end, I hear you ask? Who knows, all you can do is prep the boat and gear and take every opportunity that arises. Tight lines!!

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