BOI Fishing Report 26Jan23

BOI Fishing Report 26Jan23

Hena Eagle with a cracker 5kg fish she battled heroically to land on a Bender rod!

It’s been tough finding the fish. I’ve had a few days out where we barely managed a feed. Customers report the same, some having great days, others very little to report. But feeding off the intel received in the shop I fished the 50-55m area off Whale Rock last Sunday using sliders and on a slow drift landed a few good fish. Schools of skippies were sighted nearby and we had a great time trolling soft plastics around these and landed a few. What a great fight on light gear!

Reports from the big game fisher’s is that some days nothing, others quite a good bite. Mick Jepson went up to the Cape and tagged a stripey and landed a cracker of a shortbilled spearfish. Observing the multiple schools of skippies sighted last Sunday between 60 and 100m out in the middle of the Bay, I would suggest that you don’t have to go far to find a Marlin.

The weather has again turned about somewhat and the El Dorado tournament planned to start yesterday was postponed a week.

The consensus seems to be that the snapper are either in shallow or out deep. If I get a chance, I’ll be heading out to the 50m area again to try my luck although if you stay in close to shore, you just might do better!

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