BOI Fishing Report 22Sep23

Fishing Report, Snapper -

BOI Fishing Report 22Sep23

Mitch (aka Uncle) with a great fish caught the same day we were out!

Finally! Its on! Dolphins, gannets, terns, seals and even a whale… simply chaos last Tuesday out in the middle of the Bay near the 50m mark. Myself and Pete were lucky enough to find this insane workup and everything we tried produced good pan sized fish. A softbait produced the biggest fish of the day but the slow jigs accounted for the most. We had our limit in under 2 hours and went home to share the bounty with friends and neighbours.

The same day young Mitch (aka Uncle) was fishing with Mick Jepson around past cape brett and they also had a cracker day with some XOS fish being landed.

Ginge has been out wide undertaking some deep drops and he says he caught the biggest terakihi he ever seen. I see on social media that some charter operators have also been catching some good hapuka out deep.

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