BOI Fishing Report - 12Jan23

BOI Fishing Report - 12Jan23

Gamefish in numbers when weather allows
Well, it started out great between Xmas and New Year with some settled weather. My son and his mates borrowed my boat for that period and they had a great time, nailing a few good snapper and kingfish.

Then, just as I get my boat back, the weather turned sour and the outlook continues to look less than average. We managed a quick afternoon fish last Sunday and found a feed at the 60m mark off the Ninepin. Heavy slow jigs worked well although we cheated a bit and added small strips of bait to entice the bite!

The game season is truly underway. Jeff on Resolution captured a shortbill spearfish, tagged and released two striped marlin and brought home a yellowfin tuna – all in one afternoon. Fish have been caught in the 120-130m area, a short trip out from the Bay. And of course, everyone knows of the grander (1024lb) black marlin caught after a ten-hour fight aboard the vessel Raptor!

The snapper fishing has been a bit hit and miss with good results reported off the rocks or out deeper. The largest snapper have typically been taken on a drifting soft-bait but slow jigs and bait have also produced the goods.

Last weekend was the CMP Construction Juniors tournament which saw 37 teams and 104 anglers competing. Hudson Taylor-Edwards landed a 227kg blue marlin and some great snapper and kingfish were weighed or measured and released.

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