Bay of Islands Fishing Report 14Dec23

Bay of Islands Fishing Report 14Dec23

The snapper continue to bite well most days in the Bay of Islands.

About a week ago, Grant Dixon joined us for a fish aboard Merrin. He told me it was to ‘check up on the accuracy of my reports’, as well as tackle-test some new Vexed gear and to secure a few snapper for the smoker for the Dixon Christmas lunch.

And I couldn’t have planned it better, we arrived and on my first cast hooked up on the mighty Nomad Squidtrex with what turned out to be the best fish of the day.

This would have been matched by Grant’s efforts, had the bronzies not extracted their tax! We had great fun for about two hours, putting plenty of pannies in the bin and then the bite died somewhat. No matter, the mission had been a success despite the lack of any trophy reds, and we went home early with more than enough fish to fill the ‘orders’, not to mention the product shots!

The following day, saw 27 teams comprising 72 anglers fish the Russell Top 10 Icebreaker, competing for over $25,000 worth of prizes including $5,000 for the longest measured and released snapper.

Results from the tournament are as follows:
Heaviest Other Species: Ziz Bently, Wet Ridz, Hapuku
3rd M&R Snapper: Al Murry, Alana, 77cm
2nd M&R Snapper: Ziz Bently, Wet Ridz, 77.5cm Snapper
1st M&R Snapper: Jack Honey, Wet Ridz, 81cm
Heaviest Snapper: Tyler Davey, Argo, 9.25kg
2nd T&R Gamefish: Darrell Croft, Alive & Kicking, T&R Striped Marlin (est 100kg)
1st T&R Gamefish: Gavin Norman, Charge’d Affair
Heaviest Tuna: Svend Petersen, Gunslinger, 54.6kg Yellowfin
Angler Most Points: Gavin Norman, Charge’d Affair, T&R Striped Marlin (est 120kg)

Young Tyler Davey was disappointed that his attempt to release his fish failed as he would’ve taken out the top spot. We also fished the competition, and our best M&R was 73cm. On the final day, we were struggling to find any fish at all, when our good mate Gavin calls up and says one of his crew had caught an 11kg fish, on the softbait setup I sold him a week prior… and he wasn’t fishing the comp! Typical!

The snapper still seem to be holding in the Middle Ground, anywhere from 35-50 metres deep. It’s just a matter of finding them when they are on the chew. Orange jigs are still working the best for us and so too with any orange softbait. The next week's forecast looks pretty good and I will be sneaking out for the odd early morning fish.

The tax collectors are about in good numbers as Grant Dixon found out with what would have been the ‘fish of the day’ getting chomped.

The gamefish are certainly here and a look out at the Nine Pin Trench or around Queens Buoy would be certainly worth a look. Be sure to check that game gear before you go, as no one wants a hook-up to be lost due to an old topshot!

Come into the shop to check out the latest in gear, get your bait, ice and berley, and most importantly, some genuine intel! From December 18 we will be open from 7.30am to 5pm, every day, except Xmas day. As always, if you urgently need some supplies after hours just give me a call.

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