Softbait Kit

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Softbaiting have been popular for almost twenty years and is still a very popular way of fishing for snapper and other spefcies. The challenge with softbait is make your softbait to look and move like a sprat in distress. When mastering this softbaiting is a extremely efficient way of targetting snapper and other species. Softbaiting is a much more active type of fishing and requires a sensitive rod letting the angler feel everything that goes on with the softbait.

This kit comprises a sensitive carbon fibre rod with a excellent reel spooled with braid. Included are also jig heads of different weights for different target depths and also a coil of fluorocarbon leader, invisible in water. 

Three different type of softbait packets and some softbait clips together with a pair of braid scissors makes this kit a complete softbait kit.