Restube Basic Inflatable

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The Restube Basic is a stylish pocket size inflatable buoy that is worn around the hip and is a perfect safety device to throw into the beach bag or have with you when enjoying on-water based activities.

For activities such as surfing casting/rock fishing, paddling or just piece of mind, the Restube Basic is a must have for a safe day out.


  • Size & weight:  14x6x5cm, 240g.
  • Restube is reusable as replacement CO2 cartridge are available for purchase.
  • Engineered in Germany.

The fully inflated buoy has a buoyancy of 75N, which is over 7kg of lift.  Leaning onto the Restube buoy keeps your head above water.  Testube helps no matter how tall you are.

Instead of using the trigger you can inflate Restube products with your mouth and use it for your training sessions as a swim buoy.

Comes in Marine Blue.