Okuma Inspira 40 / Nano Matrix 150gm Spin Set

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The Okuma Inspira 40 and Nano Matrix Spinning Combo is a durable and versatile combo great for softbaiting, slow jigging or even straylining. The light yet sensitive Nano Matrix Rod perfectly matches the smooth and lightweight Okuma Inspira 30 Spinning Reel. Will handle big snapper , trevally and even the odd kingfish that often grabs your soft bait or jig. A very well balanced and top performing combo for the price. And what’s more, this combo comes with a braid. Sweet as!

The Reel

The Okuma Inspira 40 Spinning Reel delivers incredible new technologies in combination with Okuma mainstays of performance. Internally, the Inspira draws from the best of Okuma performance features – Precision Elliptical Gearing, machine cut brass pinion gear, 8 ball bearings plus roller bearing, forged aluminum handle, braid-ready machined aluminum spool with Hydro-Block water-tight drag.

Feature-packed, durable, yet incredibly light in hand, the Okuma Inspira 40 Spinning Reel is absolutely perfect for soft baiting and slow jigging!

Cyclonic flow rotor

At first glance, there’s no missing the heavily ported Cyclonic Flow Rotor. More than just striking design, this system has purpose. With every revolution of the handle, the rotor creates a rotation of air around the rotor, beneath and around the spool. Under extensive testing, the system drives intruding moisture from structural elements, minimizing corrosion and extending longevity.

Centrifugal disc bail

Also delivering on durability is the Centrifugal Disc Bail. An all-new design incorporating a stout brass disc, the system is perfectly balanced and creates incredibly smooth and precise bail operation with a minimum of moving parts.

C-40X Carbon technology with torsion control armor

New Torsion Control Armor is an extension of Okuma’s forward-thinking C-40X long strand carbon fiber construction. C-40X construction is 25% lighter, 50% stronger than graphite. In Torsion Control Armor, C-40X is used to create a reinforced reel foot and body harness that’s super light, but extremely rigid under heavy pressure. This reduces twist and flex to maintain alignment of internal components, greatly extending their working life.

Okuma Inspira 40 Spinning Reel Features:

  • Model: ISX-40B
  • Light weight C-40X carbon frame and sideplates
  • Cyclonic Flow Rotor
  • Centrifugal disc bail
  • TCA: Torsion Control Armor
  • 8 BB + 1RB stainless steel bearings
  • Quick-Set anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Precision machine cut brass pinion gear
  • Rigid, forged aluminum, anodized handle
  • Lightweight, EVA handle knobs for comfort
  • Precision Elliptical Gearing system
  • Machined aluminum, 2-tone anodized spool
  • Heavy duty, solid aluminum bail wire
  • RESII: Computer balanced Rotor Equalizing System

Okuma Inspira 40 Spinning Reel Specifications:

  • Gear ratio: 5.0:1
  • Bearings: 8BB+1RB
  • Weight: 9.1oz
  • Line retrieve: 29”
  • Max drag pressure: 13-lbs
  • Mono line capacity diameter (in mm): 270/8 (0.25), 190/10 (0.30), 170/12 (0.32)
  • Frame: C-40X
  • Side plates: C-40X
  • Rotor: GR
  • Spool: AL

The Rod

The Okuma Nano Matrix Spinning Rod features the latest resin and carbon technology making it light, powerful and very sensitive. Ideal for soft baiting and straylining.

Okuma Nano Matrix Spinning Rod Features:

  • Ultra-light carbon nano technology blank
  • Pac Bay reel seat with stainless steel hood
  • Alps Gold Zirconium inlaid guides with S-6 marine-grade stainless steel frame suitable for braid and nylon
  • Hook loop above the foregrip
  • Foam foregrip trimmed with cork and finished with anodised alloy winding check
  • Slip foam rear grip with cork trims
  • Pieces: 1pc
  • Length: 6ft 3in
  • Lure weight: 100-150g