Ocean Angler Powerflex Titanium Rod 6"3'

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The Ocean Angler Powerflex Titanium is something of an unsung hero. Designed as a specialist slow-pitch lure rod, it’s an absolute joy to use and a complete blast when hooked up, whipping right over as the reel unloads! Made for compact overhead reels, the Titanium’s length allows lures to be lifted and dropped for maximum effectiveness, especially suiting lures that flutter down, such as our Knife Jigs and Weasels, but it also works well with Sliders and Jitterbugs. Better still, the Titanium’s very forgiving and parabolic action helps to absorb sudden bumps and violent head shakes when hooked up so the hooks are less likely to pull out. This ‘Hollywood’ rod makes the most of every fish hooked.

Other features: The compact EVA fore-grip screws down to hold the reel securely in the Fuji reel seat; equipped with high quality, corrosion-resistant Seaguides; the extra-long EVA butt section provides rod-holder protection; an out-the-way hook holder is fitted, and a trigger grip offers superior rod control and comfort over extended lure sessions.

Specs: Length, 6’3”; recommended line weight, PE 1.2-2 (12-20lb).

Associated products: All Ocean Angler metal jigs; OA Rod Protector.

On-the-water tips: This specialist slow-pitch rod’s action is designed to be forgiving and parabolic - perfect for maximizing lure movement and protecting the sometimes tenuous hold achieved by slow-jig hooks. It’s a heap of fun when hooked up, but we recommend only lifting the Titanium to a little above the horizontal plane to get the best from it and avoid potential point-loading. Ideally, the Titanium should be combined with a small, compact free-spool-type reel, preferably open-topped for better line control, but bait-caster type reels still provide plenty of fun.