Kilwell RXB30 Baitfeeder and Tica Kazumi Slow Jig Spin Combo

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This slow jig combo is really versatile, you can do slow jigging, light straylining and soft baiting, great value for money!

The reel

Kilwell RXB series Baitfeeder reels are perfectly designed for straylining or softbait fishing. The reels feature 5 ball bearings plus 1 roller bearing a stainless steel mainshaft, instant anti-reverse and a twin drag bait feeder system with micro click adjustment.

The anti-twist line roller, and forged aluminium spools make these reels suitable for mono or braided line.


The RXB30 is ideal for soft bait

* 5BB 1RB rust resisitant bearings

* Capacity; 150m/0.30mm or 165yds/10lb monofilament

* 5.2:1 retrieve ratio, retrieves 80cm line per handle turn.

* Max Drag 5.5kg

The Rod 

Designed for the Japanese slow jig and softbait market, the Tica Kazumi Pro rod will be perfect casting lures to hungry NZ snapper. The 2.1m nano-technology blank is built light and strong to ease the pain of all day casting sessions. It has the sensitivity to feel the lightest take and the power to subdue our biggest snapper. The slimline blank is suitable for casting lures in the 30g to 150g weight range with line rating up to 15kg or PE3.