Fishfighter Trolling Paravan

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Fishfighter's trolling Paravan is designed to get your lure down deeper when trolling. Works equally well in freshwater as in saltwater. Theses Trolling Paravan are directional that use the water's resistance to dive. Their built-in weights let you adjust that dive port or starboard; or set the weight right in the middle to dive directly behind the boat. When a fish hits, it trips the mechanism that kept the Directional Trolling Sinker plowing down, allowing you to fight the fish with minimal additional resistance.

Fishfighter Trolling paravan - Directional Features: 

  • Widens your troll fishing pattern
  • ALWAYS trips easily when lure gets a strike.
  • Light retrieve 

Direction is adjustable for multiple port and starboard trolling positions paravans are designed to work with Mono, Thin wire line and the Super braided lines. Capable of reaching depths of 100 feet and more. Stainless Steel and Nylon Construction.


Fishfighter Trolling Paravan - Directional Spec's:

  • 107mm across
  • Heavy duty nylon and ABS
  • Lead weight
  • Colour: Clear With a White surround ring