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Select your line and weight class of choice and the amount of meters you would like us to spool on your reel.

If you are uncertain on the amount of meters and want the reel filled to maximum then just put a “1” into the amount and we will fill it up and charge you for the meters we put on.


Berkley Fireline Tournament Exceed – The Next Generation in Fused braid technology.

Berkley’s constantly advancing technology in textiles and fibres has allowed exciting developments to occur within the fishing line segment, in particular, braid lines. 
Fireline Tournament Exceed fills the needs of cutting edge tournament techniques that demand the highest performance braided lines.
Tournament Exceed’s Incredibly Thin Diameter improves casting distance, provides greater contact and control for subtle detection of structure and strikes, delivers superior lure performance, improves drag capability and increases reel capacity.
Berkley Advanced Fused Braid Technology retains the high knot strength, manageability and abrasion resistance anglers expect from Fireline, now with a super thin diameter.


  • Incredibly thin diameter – Thinnest rated tournament braid
  • Incredibly strong – Superior knot strength
  • Incredibly sensitive – Greater contact and control
  • Long and fast casting – Supreme casting ability
  • New Blaze Orange high vis coloration

Available in:

  • Test kg/Dia. mm.  6/0.18, 7.5/0.20 Flame green