Fin-Nor Bait Teaser Strayline Rod

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A rod perfectly matched for our New Zealand every day fishing for snapper and kingfish. Sensitive but still strong to match even bigger snappers and kingfish.

Fin-Nor Bait Teaser Fishing Rod is the next-level fishing rods especially designed to cater to anglers who love the excitement of bait and switch.

Fin-Nor Bait Teaser Fishing Rod makes the bait teasing and fishing game easy. It is an ideal choice for fishos who love the excitement that the technique involves. Featuring heavy duty guides, Fin-Nor Bait Teaser Fishing Rods are perfectly stable for bait teasing. No matter how big the fish, it’s hard for an angler to lose control with a Fin-Nor Bait Teaser. The integrated solid tip rod adds to the stability while giving extra sensitivity directly to the hands. Fin-Nor Bait Teasers are ideal for long distance casts and retrieving is almost effortless.

Fin-Nor takes the comfort of its customers seriously. No one wants to end a long day of fishing with worn and weathered hands. With that in mind, Fin-Nor Bait Teaser Fishing Rods come equipped with the incredibly comfortable and convenient EVA grips. These grips ensure that the anglers never lose control of their Fin-Nor Bait Teaser Rod by giving them the tightest grip possible, while keeping their hands as comfortable as possible.

There is so much to love about the Fin-Nor Bait Teaser Fishing Rod. Fin-Nor Bait Teaser Fishing Rods are perfect for both inshore and offshore fishing applications. If it’s not the amazing physics-defying flexibility that makes the Fin-Nor Bait Teaser rod a hot-item, then the fact that it makes fishing easy surely will.

Fin-Nor Bait Teaser Fishing Rods combine the power and control needed to land tough fish such as Snapper and Kingfish.


  • Heavy duty guides
  • Integrated solid tip
  • Pac Bay reel seats
  • Eva grips


  • Sections: 1
  • Length: 7″
  • Line Weight: 8-12kg
  • Action: Medium/Heavy