Daiwa Saltist SD 35H And Daiwa Saltist Hyper 300g Jigging Combo

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This jigging combo is one of the top line ones from Daiwa. The new Saltist 35H reel on a saltist Hyper rod gives a combo which is hard to beat when it comes to performance. Awesome gear

The Reel 

Continuing from the famed Saltiga Star Drag, the new Saltist SD uses the same base platform. Constructed of a die-cast Aluminium body and anodised in a sleek matte black for maximum corrosion resistance, the Saltist SD looks stunning and is designed to handle whatever is thrown at it. The internal construction of the Saltist SD is equally impressive. Utilising Daiwa’s famous Digigear gear technology - a digitized high-precision cutting technique that is combined with a new-age alloy, has resulted in a gear that is ultra strong and corrosion resistant with reduced weight. This has allowed a larger gear to be used, in turn achieving greater gear durability, strength, and precision; the Saltist SD realises perfect gear meshing and ultra smooth performance. Featuring stainless steel ball bearings for maximum corrosion resistance, true freespool, and a centrifugal braking system for ultimate casting control, the Saltist SD’s casting performance is effortless. Combined with a large carbon-fibre drag system that provides a smooth 10kg of drag pressure, the Saltist SD is ready to tame whatever is thrown at it.


Daiwa Saltist SD 35 H Specification:

Gear ratio: 6.4:1 (120cm per crank)

Weight: 570g

Max drag: 10kg

Bearings: 4 corrosion Resistant BB

The Rod

Harsh, brutal, and unforgiving, there’s few styles of angling more testing of angler and tackle than offshore fishing.

Unrelenting on gear and capable of pushing angler and tackle to their limits, only the most prepared anglers survive and only the best, most rigorously designed and constructed tackle prevails.
Few names are more synonymous with this required strength and power than Saltist. The epitome of offshore excellence the new Saltist Hyper range of rods delivers on all fronts, offering cutting edge design, advanced technologies and unwavering strength and poise.
Replacing the incredibly popular Monster Mesh range the new Saltist Hyper series takes the diversity and robustness of this successful range and blends it with advanced designs, technology and increased models.
The new Saltist Hyper range incorporates models ranging from 5’3” power spin sticks to longer and lighter overhead options, and of course to the true work horses of the range, the 9’6”spin and overhead mega rods. What ever your taste or need there’s a Saltist Hyper to suit and ultimately impress.

Drawing a Blank

The foundation of all good rods is the blank, and the Hyper Saltist is no exception and utilizes some of Daiwa’s most advanced blank technologies to created a rod series that is refined, rugged and indestructible. Utilising HVF carbon, Daiwa’s low resin, high strength, reduced weight, high density carbon the result is a range that is stripped of unwanted weight, yet loaded with all the power that you need. More muscle and less fat is the name of the game in the new Saltist Hyper range.
Glatech construction features in many of the models in the range and incorporates uni-directional fiberglass sandwiched between 90 degree inner and outer layers graphite. The result is an incredibly resilient blank, with backbone and lifting power to control and lead strong fish.
Daiwa’s legendary Bias Wrap construction also plays a major role in the series (64CJ, 72MH, 792H, 82XH, 962XHS, 962XHB), with the cross directional blank wrapping method eliminating unwanted rod twist and distortion when under load. The process creates a blank with less weight and more strength.
Power, strength, lightness and uncompromising blank integrity are the hallmarks of the Saltist Hyper range.

Take a Seat

A great blank needs a great seat, and the Saltist reel seats are the perfect combination of strength and style.
Rock solid Fuji reel seats create an immovable fusion between rod and reel, with a locking ring on the seat anchoring the two together eliminating any chance of reel movement or slippage.

Guided onto Fish

Fuji will guide you and your new Saltist onto fish with their O Concept guides, a new deep-pressed frame technology, offering 360-degree protection from bumps, hits and dings. The O Concept also reduces guide draw, twist and bend and weight, resulting in a more responsive rod.
Chrome in colour and contrasting strikingly with black guide bindings, they complete the classic blue, black and white stylings and ensure that the Saltist Hyper look as good as they fish.

Comfort and Class


Long hard days offshore call for a comfortable rod and in the hand is where the ultimate test of comfort is made, and the ultra tough EVA grips on the new Saltist are as comfortable and rugged as they come.

Smooth, ergonomically friendly, classic black EVA grips put the power in your hands to battle the toughest fish, while offer you the comfort to use all day long.

Classic in style, and advanced in design, function and application, the Saltist Hyper range offers diversity, strength and exceptional value like few offshore rod series have before.


SAH 531-350B– the overhead equivalent of the 350S, the 350B is equally at home reining in kingfish, Samson fish, tuna and amberjacks. Suited to 40-50 sized overhead reels, there’s few fish that can’t be tamed by this rod. Suited to jigging and trolling

SAH 531-350B– the overhead equivalent of the 350S, the 350B is equally at home reining in kingfish, Samson fish, tuna and amberjacks. Suited to 40-50 sized overhead reels, there’s few fish that can’t be tamed by this rod. Suited to jigging and trolling.


Daiwa Saltist Hyper SAH 531-350B Specification:

  • Type: Overhead
  • Sections: 1
  • Length: 161cm
  • Action: Heavy
  • Taper: Regular
  • Cast Weight: max 300g
  • Rec. Line: PE 6/8