Daiwa 20 Saltiga 18000P Spin Reel

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The redesigned Saltiga high performance spin reel. Loaded with innovations and performance. It does not get better than this.

The 18000-P is ideal for PE6-8 deep jigging with slow pitch or power jerk motion involved. Suitable for targeting truly giant fish in all areas of the globe.

Monocoque Body
MQ Body will take Saltiga to the next level. The MQ system does not require a body cover, instead using an engine plate to screw directly to the body. Eliminating the need for screws to hold a body cover in place. MQ body improves the strength of the reel, it also improves the water-resistance of the body and allows a larger diameter drive gear to be installed.

G1 Duralumin Drive Gear
The larger diameter drive gear. Increasing the diameter by 12% and also increasing thickness reduces the amount of wear, including twist and deformation to both the drive and pinion gears. In comparison to 15 Saltiga, it is more than double the strength. New gear design and MQ Body makes 20 Saltiga the pinnacle of saltwater spinning reels.

Aluminium Air Rotor
More than twice as rigid. The newly designed aluminium air rotor has more than double the rigidity when compared to 15 Saltiga. It is also 50% more durable than the famous original Z series Saltiga of 2002.

Automatic Tournament Drag
Drag durability more than 10 times that of 15 Saltiga. In comparison to 15 Saltiga drag washers it is more than 10 times more durable with significantly increased drag longevity. Adding drag washers means the workload is spread evenly across the drag stack. By designing the drag with smaller washers, the maximum pressure per washer is decreased, but by adding more washers increased pressure is created.

Screw-In Engine Plate
A screw-in engine plate applies 360-degree pressure to main gear to achieve a perfect gear alignment at all times.

Screwless Rear Cover
The Screwless rear cover is another innovation created to minimise any chance of water intrusion to the body.

Longcast-ABS Spool
The new solid Longcast-ABS Spool design is a bold feature with a noticeable lack of porting. The new flared spool design houses a waterproof drag and clicker, providing more power and a new sound for anglers to experience.

Magsealed Body
A Magsealed Body creates an impenetrable barrier under the rotor, keeping the reel body free from salt and dust particles improving longevity.

Aluminium Radiation Drag Knob
The Aluminium Radiation Drag Knob disperses any heat generated on long runs and high drag pressures. The heat dispersion keeps your drag temperature consistent during long fights, providing a smooth drag performance so you can get the most out of your tackle.

Redesigned Handle
The Redesigned Handle is lighter but boasts higher strength than its predecessor. The new metal handle knob designs are shaped for ultimate comfort and power.

Daiwa 20 Saltiga (G) 18000-P Spinning Reel Features:

  • Monocoque Body: improved reel strength and water resistance
  • G1 Duralumin Drive Gear: larger diameter drive gear
  • Twist Buster II Advanced Line Management: tapered line roller enhanced to eliminate line twist
  • ABS Long Cast Advanced Line Management: increased average flight distance
  • Automatic Tournament Drag (ATD): significantly increased drag longevity
  • Lightweight Air Rotor: redesigned arch disperses pressure to the lower section of the rotor to reduce stressing and flexing
  • One-Piece Seamless Airbail: maximum rigidity and strength with minimum weight
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse: limits rearward backplay handle movement to almost zero for solid hooksets with less shock to the reel
  • Silent Oscillation: noise-free operation
  • Magsealed Body: magnetised oil seal located on the main shaft of the reel's rotor shutting the door to the elements and unwanted intruders
  • Magsealed Line Roller: MagSealed line roller bearing shutting out the elements for optimum line roller protection, performance and longevity
  • Magsealed Bearings: ultimate protection for the most at risk location such as the engine side plate and line roller
  • Metal Ball Knob: providing maximum contact between handle knob and hand for optimal rotation balance, rotation and functionality

Daiwa 20 Saltiga (G) 18000-P Spinning Reel Specifications:

  • Model: 18000-P
  • Bearings: 12BB (6CR-2MS)
  • Capacity: PE8 - 300m
  • Drag: 30kg
  • Gear: 4.5
  • Retrieve: 98cm
  • Type: Spin
  • Weight: 875