Catch Tenya Jig Heads

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Brand new from Catch. These  Tenya Jig Head is a features a second rigging point for an assist cord and a unique head action.


  • Inspired by Japanese Tenya jigs
  • Stainless Steel hook/wire angled attachement
  • Distinctive head shape creates a unique rocking action on retrieve
  • Secondary attachment point enables optional use of an assist hook
  • Upwards facing hook helps avoid snagging on the sea floor
  • Super strong, razor point stainless hooks, withstand over 30kgs of pressure
  • 3D Eyes and UV glow finish
  • All Jig heads have 3/0 hooks
  • Packets of four

Weights oz: 1/4(7g), 1/2 (14g), 5/8(17.7g), 1(28g)